Rich Copson – Ambassador

Shares powerful insights into what it’s like living with a muscle wasting condition

I was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy (called Beckers, a milder form of Duchenne) at the age of 16. At the time I was quite fit, and well and then I began to have difficulties walking and general mobility issues. Everyone else my age was getting fitter and stronger and I wasn’t. I was having to stop doing things that I loved, like football and tennis.

Over that period of time, I struggled with my physical and mental health and it took me to quite a dark place. I didn’t want to get involved with anything, and I wasn’t open about my condition, but after a few years of counselling and talking to various charity groups I was ready to take my next step to managing my condition and giving back to the community.

A lot of people don’t realise that muscular dystrophy affects lots of different people, young and old, in lots of different ways.

I have learnt a lot from Alex’s Wish about the impact Duchenne can have on young children and their families, they have become a huge inspiration and the driving force behind the events I support and take part in.

I want to help families with children who have more life-limiting forms of these muscle wasting conditions. They are facing potentially the early loss of a child and they need that support.

I started a successful fundraising brand on social media called “The MD Fighter” and through this I have met with Emma Hallam (Alex’s Mum) several times. I was so pleased to asked to join the team because they are funding the ground-breaking research that is going to save lives and I am inspired by there fight and determination to do this.

I can now continue putting my knowledge and experience of the condition to positive use so one day we can finally find a cure for Duchenne.

Natalie and Stuart Allen

Natalie and Stuart are a proud father daughter team that specialise in property. They help people invest their money into residential property and through their lettings company manage their assets long-term, giving the community fantastic accommodation and investors great returns.

“We are delighted to be a part of The Alex’s Wish family and look forward to getting to know the team, having fun and raising money. We also want to spread the word and make more people aware of the incredible work Emma and her team are doing to find the cure for this terrible disease”.