Rich Copson

Rich was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy (called Beckers, a milder form of Duchenne) at the age of 16. 

Over that period of time Rich struggled with his physical and mental health and it took me to quite a dark place. He didn’t want to get involved with anything, and he wasn’t open about his condition, but after a few years of counselling and talking to various charity groups he was ready to take his next step to managing his condition and giving back to the community.

Rich has learnt a lot from Alex’s Wish about the impact Duchenne can have on young children and their families, Rich has said that Alex’s Wish has become a huge inspiration and the driving force behind the events he supports and takes part in.

Rich started a successful fundraising brand on social media called “The MD Fighter” Rich continues putting his knowledge & experience of the condition to positive use so one day we can finally find a cure for Duchenne.