Business Club Events

Tuesday 13th July 2021 on Zoom

Jonathan Ratcliff – JMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd

When Jonathan left Carlsberg 17 years ago, he set up JMR Sales & Consultancy Ltd. to help a variety of clients with short to mid-term contracts solving a wide range of their business development challenges. Jonathan’s objective is to improve the Salespeople & processes so that any costs are covered by additional profits. 

Sales Strategy Development 

Like the corporate strategy, the Sales strategy needs to direct the sales effort to ensure that the team are all pushing in the same direction and have objectives which support the corporate goals. This is usually one of the first areas he concentrates on with Clients.

Tailored Training where it matters most

Most classroom Sales Training doesn’t work that’s why Jonathan prefers not to do it, he prefers to train in the Field where there is no hiding from real Customers and their reactions to imperfect Salespeople.

121 Mentoring & Coaching 

As well as working with large organisations Jonathan thoroughly enjoys working with owner operators and micro businesses. For these companies, he offers coaching by the hour to help those individuals with specific issues which may be hampering their company’s growth aspirations.

Jonathan will present:  “Referrals – A Practical Guide to the easiest and most Valuable Sale you can make & how to ensure that you are getting as many of these as you deserve.”

Previous Events

Alex Slack – Making Time Work for You

Meet Alexandra Slack, Owner of The House of Lifestyle Management and Founder of The Circle Club. One of Alex’s mission is to enrich people’s lives, give them more time and help them take control of their work life balance. She enables busy professionals to fulfil their ultimate lifestyle!

Alex will help you use your time at the Alex’s Wish Business Club meeting wisely by helping YOU explore the concept of time and how it has control over our life. We will look at how we can take back that control and do the things you love most with some simple practical techniques for example, breaking time wasting habits and help reduce procrastination and perfectionism.

Andy Rudkin & Farrah Khalid – Nelsons

Andy Rudkin qualified as a Solicitor in 2009 and joined Nelsons’ expert Dispute Resolution team as a Partner in December 2020. Andy specialises in all areas of commercial litigation, including commercial contract, director and shareholder and partnership disputes. He also regularly advises on corporate and personal insolvency and property litigation matters.

Farrah Khalid qualified in January 2019 and joined our Dispute Resolution team the same month. She specialises in insolvency and restructuring, commercial and contract disputes and debt enforcement. Farrah advises on all stages of the litigation process from pre-action communications and settlement negotiations to final hearing and enforcement actions.

Andy & Farrah will present an update on some of the more recent extensions or legislation changes during COVID associated with insolvency, debt collection and possession.

Sean Masters – Brand Clear

Sean is a seasoned strategist and creative professional (and depending on who you talk to, ringmaster, growth stimulator, leadership sounding board, agent of change, pragmatist, and ‘that tall skinny bloke’) who’s spent over two decades at the sharp-end, solving organisational brand and communication problems with focused intent. 

In that time, he’s worked across a range of sectors, from automotive, aviation and construction, to higher education, non-profit, manufacturing and service. With a keen interest in creating a tangible difference for small and medium enterprises.  

He’s a curious, logical thinker with a thumping creative heart and a certified Brand Strategist (with Level C) to boot. 

Brand Clear specialises in helping SME leaders better understand how they communicate their unique value – internally and externally – giving them the confidence to own their difference, and outmanoeuvre the competition to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be. This is done by connecting their organisational objectives to a coherent, purposeful go-to-market strategy that their people understand, believe in and rally behind. 

Sean, with Emma will share an overview of the effective process of how we rethought and reframed Alex’s Wish to create a fresh new direction and new opportunities for engaging with supporters of the charity. 

Deborah Jones,  an accredited coach and team coach who has been designing and delivering leadership development and change programmes for over 20 years across public and private sector organisations.

Deborah is going to share some insights about leading and managing teams and how to get the best out of people as you continue to work remotely.  She will talk about energy, how is it exchanged between humans and what can you do to increase your energy and the energy in your teams.   Debbie started using  “energy medicine” techniques with groups a few years ago here and there, but her practice increased this last year during lockdown with positive results