Sunday Spotlight – Marie Ellis

March 2, 2024 8:38 pm

Last week we had an incredibly interesting time talking to Marie Ellis from Elite Account Services about the ‘mountains’ she has had to climb over the last couple of years.

Marie is recovering from a stroke, that came about after being intubated with Covid.

It was in July 2021, Marie had a chest infection that got worse until she ended up in Leicester Royal Infirmary A & E department where she picked up Covid.

As a result of having Covid on top of her chest infection Marie got so poorly she was put in an induced coma which lasted for 3.5 weeks.  When Marie finally came round, she had lost all feeling in the left-hand side of her body. The recovery since that time for Marie has been huge and she is still battling away with physiotherapy.

The HUGE amount of determination you can feel from Marie ensures that her business is going from strength to strength, even while she learnt to walk again, and continues to work hard towards full recovery.

Marie has signed up to our #BeMoreAlex campaign, but after hearing her story we truly believe that Marie lives the #BeMoreAlex philosophy – what a tour de force she is!!

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