Sponsor forms and top tips

Start fundraising

As soon as you have decided to take part in one of our sponsored events, or if you have decided to do your own thing, the best place to start is by reading our Alex’s Wish Fundraising Pack.

Tell us what you’re up too

Be sure to let us know  what you are up to so we can provide you all the tools you need including promotional merchandising (t-shirts, wristbands, leaflets and bespoke posters, etc.) and answer any queries you may have. We must also ensure your activities are legal and follow the guidelines. If you have registered to take part in one of our sponsored events we will email you with all the details. Please contact Emma Hallam by emailing emma@alexswish.co.uk or calling 07903 349475. Thank you.

Set up an online sponsorship page

We use the services provided by BT Donate which are free and easy to use, plus 100% of all the money raised will go direct to Alex’s Wish – they take nothing out like other sites tend to do. Plus the money donated to your page gets sent straight to us, so there’s no need to worry about collecting sponsorship.  All the details on how to do this are in our Alex’s Wish Fundraising Pack.

You can also click here to download our Sponsorship_Form if you don’t fancy doing the online thing. Or you could decide to do both.

Top tips and how to get your fundraising off to a great start

Simply download our Alex’s Wish Fundraising Pack and take a look at all the great ways you can raise money.  If you need any support whatsoever, be sure to pick up the phone or email us. We’re here to help you every step of the way!