Alex takes on My Ride London

July 31, 2020 10:54 am

Our very own Alex, and a team of friends will ride a combined total of 30km on 15 wheels in My Prudential RideLondon to raise money to find a cure for the disease he lives with. To learn more about their challenge and to donate, visit their fundraising page here.

Sports-mad Alex will not let his condition stop him from joining five of his friends to raise money for Alex’s Wish by doing My Prudential RideLondon their own way.

Six members of the team, including Alex, will ride 5km each around Watermead Country Park, Leicestershire, on Wednesday 12 August. The sixth member of the team is Rich Copson, who has Beckers Muscular Dystrophy – a milder form of Duchenne – who has to shield until August 17 so will be doing his challenge at home.

In total the group will be doing it their (socially distanced) way on 15 wheels including Alex’s powered trike/wheelchair, a skateboard, bicycles and a static hand cycle, covering a total of 30km between them.

Alex Hallam says “I’m so pleased my friends are joining me in this challenge. We’ve already started planning how we’re going to raise money and are really looking forward to it.  I’m so pleased we are raising money for Alex’s Wish as we need a cure for Duchenne as soon as possible that will help me and everyone else living with this condition.”

Emma Hallam, Founder of Alex’s Wish and mum to Alex says “I am so proud of Alex and his whole attitude to his condition – he never lets it stop him from doing anyway.  Of course, he has to adapt and do things his way, but his positive nature and determination is inspirational.  Alex has to attend lots of hospital appointments and he’s on a clinical trial – he never lets any of this get him down. We wish Alex and all of his friends the best of luck with this challenge and hope they raise lots of money to help conquer Duchenne. “

To learn more about their challenge and to donate, visit their fundraising page here.

If you want to join Team Alex and take part in My Ride London it’s so easy to do:

  • Register here for free
  • Decide your distance and your wheels
  • Set up a fundraising page
  • On the week of the event (Sunday 16th August) download the App
  • Everyone who signs up has the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes
  • Take part in the event on the day or when you choose

We have an i-spy work sheet for families who want to add adventure to their rides.

If you want to put together a team from work, you can create a bit of competition……who can ride the furthest, who can raise the most……or who can cover the distance on the most original set of wheels……Alex’s Wish will donate t-shirts to any of your competition winners.

Please help us save the World’s Strongest Boys.

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