About Duchenne

Duchenne – one of the most common fatal genetic disorders diagnosed in children

It is caused by a fault in the dystrophin gene – a protein that is necessary for muscle strength and function. Without this gene, every single skeletal muscle deteriorates as muscle fibres break down and replaced by fibrous fatty tissue.

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About Duchenne:

  • relentless muscle wasting disease
  • Every single skeletal muscle is affected
  • Mainly affects boys rarely girls
  • 100% fatality rate – most will not live beyond their twenties
  • It affects 1 in every 3,500 live male births, around 100 cases in the UK per year
  • 2 boys die of Duchenne each week – one of the world’s biggest genetic killers
  • Because dystrophin is absent, the muscle cells are easily damaged
  • Progressive muscle weakness leads to serious medical problems
  • Degeneration of the lungs means boys with Duchenne need a ventilator to breathe
  • Muscles of the heart degenerate by late teens meaning the condition is severe enough to affect life expectancy


  • No long-term effective treatment without major side effects e.g. steriods
  • No cure… yet!
  • No common standards of care
  • Lack of awareness, research and funding
  • Huge costs and time of transfer from clinical research to production of treatment

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Click here to view a video on You Tube that explains what this disease does to young boys – it’s heart breaking.