The Solid Suit: Wearable support for patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

September 30, 2019 8:42 am

Duchenne UK has made a grant of $200,000 to help support the Solid Suit program, of which Alex’s Wish funded £35,000.

Solid Biosciences is working with Seismic, a powered clothing company, on developing soft, wearable, assistive clothing which could help patients with DMD with movement.

We hope wearable assistive devices could help those with DMD perform day-to-day activities with greater ease. The devices use cutting-edge military technologies.

The wearable assistive devices could provide a power boost to patient’s movements without worsening the underlying muscle weakness and progression of inflammation.

The project looks at a series of complementary components to make the assistive devices modular. Solid Biosciences hope that this strategy will allow users to mix and match components according to their individual needs.

These components include: 


Ankle stretch-assist system designed to deliver correct stretching biomechanics at the ankle in a comfortable wearable system.


Middle body support: Designed to provide trunk and hip support while supporting various movements with lower body (e.g., legs) weight-bearing activities.


System designed to provide functional support and mobilize upper body parts.

The $200,000 grant that we helped support specifically funds the MOBILITY research element of the program.

Alongside Duchenne UK and Alex’s Wish this project was funded by Duchenne Now and Joining Jack and family funds Caring for Connor, Help Harry and Team Felix.

To find out more about the Solid Suit program, visit:

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