The quest to beat the setting sun

September 6, 2021 4:56 pm

When life throws up roadblocks, take a new road!

Stan and Matt were all set for their arctic adventure, they were due to ride 6,000 miles through Scandinavia on a quest to reach the midnight sun.

The first thing to say is that adventure will continue, so watch this space…But as you can imagine, 2021 has thrown a few spanners in the works…it’s all to do with international restrictions at the borders. They’re still ongoing and that can mean mandatory quarantines lasting weeks at a time. With these in place, meeting their fundraising target is impossible. So, they’ve had to make the hard decision to postpone our trip.

However in the meantime on October the 3rd Stan will be leaving John O’ Groats for a gruelling solo ride to Land’s End. That’s around 900 miles, down the entire length of the UK.

However, there’s going to be a twist, he’ll be riding hard to beat the sun before it sets!

Completing this challenge isn’t about speed. Success will be all about mind-bending levels of endurance – 900 miles over ~16.5 hours. With around 5 fifteen-minute stops breaking it all up.

The time to get involved is now

Well, you can follow Stan’s progress over on the Inspired Rider’s social media channels. All links are on the website. So, you can like, follow, and share details of the journey. If you would like to support Stan’s fundraising on this trip please donate here

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