The Queen Victoria Arts Club Supports Alex’s Wish

January 16, 2019 8:42 am

Leicester’s newest restaurant and private members club, the Queen Victoria Arts Club, has chosen local charity Alex’s Wish to be its charity of the year for 2019.

Julie Proctor, VIP Concierge & Members Liaison at the Queen Victoria Arts Club, spoke about the agreement saying, “We were delighted to meet Emma from Alex’s Wish just before we opened and we immediately offered to host their next Business Club.  Over 30 business attended and the event was so enjoyable we invited Emma back in to talk to us further about how we might be able to help them.

“When we met with Emma we agreed to host their bi-monthly business club so the Queen Victoria Arts Club will become home for the Club which is absolutely thrilling!  Over and above that we are have also put together a package of support for Emma and Alex’s Wish offering them space here at the Queen Victoria for several of their planned 2019 events.  Alex’s Wish will be using our space for a variety of different events from fundraisers to thanking other businesses they work closely with for their support.  2019 is going to be a very exciting and very busy year!”

Emma Hallam, founder of Alex’s Wish and Mum to Alex after whom the charity is named added, “From the moment I met Julie and Cassie I knew we could work together.  The Queen Victoria Arts Club is fantastic and so welcoming!  We had a great first event there and can’t wait to work with them again on the 22nd January when we run our next Business Club.  Julie and I are putting the final touches together for the rest of the year’s events and I know this is going to make such a positive impact on Alex’s Wish.  Thank you to Julie and Cassie for choosing to support Alex’s Wish in 2019!”

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