Supporters Thank you Lunch

March 5, 2019 11:17 am

On Friday 1st March Alex’s Wish held their first annual supporters thank you lunch. It is a wonderful opportunity to thank all our supporters, gather them together and share with them the impact that they are having on our goal – to end Duchenne.

Guests were welcomed and introduced to each other, allowing businesses to build relationships and individual supporters to share their stories of how they have helped us on our journey. We were so lucky to have Emily Crossley, co-founder of Duchenne UK, to come and talk to us about where the money we have raised has been spent and the huge impact that has had on moving towards treatments and potentially a cure for Duchenne. The advancement of gene therapy is a such a positive story and one that will provide hope for all families. Emma Hallam, our founder then went on to talk about the importance of our supporters and the impact that they will have on our future plans. Both Emma & Emily spoke from the heart and left a huge impact on our guests, both spoken of as incredibly strong and determined women and more importantly Mum’s who want to make a difference for their boys.

The event was a huge success with a number of businesses making key connections, new members joined our Business Club and everyone realising that they are making a difference to all children and families with Duchenne.

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