Stuart and Keelan’s Cycling Challenge

June 30, 2015 3:42 pm

Stuart and Keelan have decided to do an extreme cycling challenge – they are going to cover 450 miles in 4 ½ days climbing some of the classic tour de france hill climbs such a Alp D’huez, Mont Vontoux & Col de Madelaine.  This means they will tackle 15,000 ft of climbing, some of the climbs taking around 2 hours.
Stuart was asked why he’s doing this  “For me it is a difficult question.  It is a strange satisfaction of pitting yourself against your body. It is definitely a case of 30% physical 70% mental. When your back aches your lungs are bursting, legs are screaming at you to stop even your arms hurt and you can somehow ignore it and push harder.   You certainly get a chance to discover things about yourself during this time and it gives me a chance to put life’s problems in perspective”

They have decided to undertake this gruelling challenge for Alex’s Wish – which is amazing – if you would like to support them in their quest please donate here

We wish them all the luck and we will let you know how they got on.

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