About Alex’s Wish

About Alex’s Wish

Alex’s Wish was founded in late 2012 by Emma and Andy Hallam, Alex’s parents, with the sole aim of eradicating Duchenne. With little charity experience they’ve grown the charity to what it is today with passion, enthusiasm and drive to help their vision become a reality.

Emma explains: “Once Alex was diagnosed we spent our first year grieving for the future we had now lost. But once we started to come to terms with it we knew we had to make a positive difference to the lives of those affected.  Sitting back and doing nothing was not an option. We could not sit back and play the waiting game.  Raising money was everything if we were to have any hope for a different future.”

Duchenne is an aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy that affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born. Every single muscle is destroyed due to a lack of protein and this also affects the heart and lungs, so boys typically only live until their mid-late twenties. Boys are born with this genetic condition – there is no treatment available to everyone and no cure at present.

Scientific research is making huge headway into finding new treatments, but more funding is desperately needed. There are now over 60 clinical trials in progress and the pressure is on to find a cure for this generation of children, but time is against us and we must keep up the momentum to make this a reality!

Alex wishes that…

    • through science new treatments and ultimately a cure will be found to make the condition more manageable.
    • quality of life can be extended and improve for all.
  • we can accelerate clinical research to block the destructive path of Duchenne

Our values:

  • We are a small charity with a big heart
  • We value the huge impact of our supporters
  • Positive, upbeat and committed totally to our sole aim
  • We give as much support to the businesses who raise money for us through social media and PR coverage
  • We are totally transparent
  • We work ethically and support local businesses by ensuring we use the services and products locally where possible