MME Charnwood Forest Cycle Ride 2016

July 6, 2016 4:12 pm

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s MME Charnwood Forest Cycle Ride raised over £10,000! This event keeps on growing with over 250 riders taking part this year and we can’t wait for next year. Well done to all our riders for making this possible you should be very proud of yourselves. All money raised goes directly to Alex’s Wish to fund life-saving research and clinical trials into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks to our wonderful corporate sponsors  Vitality by MME, Bradleys Supermarket, The Woodies and Mattioli Woods. The date of next year’s event is Image295 Image294 Image293 Image292 Image291 Image290 Image289 Image288 Image287 Image286 Image285 Image284 Image283 Image282 Image281 Image280 Image279 Image278 Image277 Image276 Image275 Image274 Image273 Image272 Image271 Image270 Image269 Image268 Image267 Image266 Image265 Image264 Image263 Image262 Image261 Image260 Image259 Image258 Image257 Image256 Image255 Image254 Image253 Image252 Image251 Image250 Image249 Image248 Image247 Image246 Image245 Image244 Image243 Image242 Image241 Image240 Image239 Image238 Image237 Image236 Image235 Image234 Image233 Image232 Image231 Image230 Image229 Image228 Image227 Image226 Image225 Image224 Image223 Image222 Image221 Image220 Image219 Image218 Image217 Image216 Image215 Image214 Image213 Image212 Image211 Image210 Image209 Image208 Image207 Image206 Image205 Image204 Image203 Image202 Image201 Image200 Image199 Image198 Image197 Image196 Image195 Image194 Image193 Image192 Image191 Image190 Image189 Image188 Image187 Image186 Image185 Image184 Image183 Image182 Image181 Image180 Image179 Image178 Image177 Image176 Image175 Image174 Image173 Image172 Image171 Image170 Image169 Image168 Image167 Image166 Image165 Image164 Image163 Image162 Image83 Image82 14th May 2017Image61Image62 Image63 Image64 Image65 Image66 Image67 Image68 Image69 Image70 Image71 Image72 Image74 Image75 Image76 Image77 Image78 Image79 Image80 Image82 Image83

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