Fashion UK to support Alex’s Wish

July 18, 2017 8:47 am

Fashion UK, a leading Leicester-based licensed fashion company serving an international customer base, has chosen Alex’s Wish as a key charity to support this year.

Gurdev Mattu, Managing Director of Fashion UK spoke about supporting Alex’s Wish saying, “We met Emma from Alex’s Wish at Vistage and I soon became very keen to support her and her charity.  We wanted to add value both in terms of donations, fundraising and our time and experience.

“We have already set up a regular giving scheme with Alex’s Wish and Emma will be coming in soon to brief our whole team so that we all know about Alex’s Wish, what they are trying to achieve and how we can help them.  After this meeting we will be looking at what planned events we can take part in plus what other fundraising events we can organise and run in order to raise as much money as possible for this fabulous charity.  They are so close to finding a cure for this life-limiting disease and we want to help them get there.”

Emma Hallam, founder and Director of Alex’s Wish added, “Gurdev and his wife are so supportive and I know that we’ll be able to do some great work together.  Over and about the regular giving scheme that they have already set up, Gurdev and his wife have become Ambassadors for Alex’s Wish. That means that they will go out and raise awareness of Alex’s Wish by talking to friends, family and business colleagues.  As a very small charity that really, really helps and I cannot thank them enough.  Gurdev is also working with me to develop and launch our own Alex’s Wish Corporate Regular Giving package to help encourage local businesses to support a local cause.”

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