Charity aims and objectives

Our aim:

We want to eradicate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy within the next 10 years by raising funds and supporting research/clinical trial projects and support clinical trial capacity to ensure that there are enough staff in place to run the increasing number of trials taking place.

We will work closely with other charities in the UK and Worldwide dedicated to conquering Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy so that we can co-fund projects, as we cannot do this alone. This way we have the best chance of saving our children.

We will only invest in projects that are high scientific value and have been vetted by a scientific advisory board to ensure that it meets with our objectives.  We will only invest in projects that have a clear route to market and have a chance of becoming available to help this generation of children.  We will only invest in projects that have the opportunity of helping all children/young adults, rather than just a sub set of individuals.

We want a future where the devastating impact of Duchenne has on our children no longer exists, a future where they can grow and prosper and fulfill their dreams whilst not living trapped in their own bodies. A life where they can enjoy every day without fear of what Duchenne will bring.

How will we do this:

We have set ourselves a target to raise £1,000,000 by 2020, as this is realistically what Alex’s Wish can achieve whilst continuing to keep our running costs at a minimum. When we have achieved this we will continue as a charity to raise as much money as possible.

We must raise £150k-£200k each year in 2017-2019.

To ensure we hit our target, we will:

  • Increase the number of businesses who adopt us as their ‘Charity of the Year’
  • Continue to raise our profile within the East Midlands, specifically in Leicestershire so that both businesses and the general public know about us, our aims and objectives so they in turn will chose to support Alex’s Wish
  • Increase participation and the amounts we raise from our flagship events
  • Introduce new events to attract a wider supporter base including initiatives in schools and working with local businesses
  • Increase corporate sponsorship take-up to help cover most if not all of our events costs
  • Form strategic alliances and partnerships with organisations such as local sporting clubs, colleges and businesses
  • Apply for grants from trusts and foundations to help cover our ongoing fixed costs associated with running Alex’s Wish

The effect of Alex’s Wish achieving our ambitions is extremely important. For the first time, there is likely to be a chance of a major breakthrough in the treatment and cure of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This generation of children could be the ones to survive this condition – but only if action is taken now and that means fundraising to ensure that clinical research, clinical trials and clinical trial capacity is maximised and all viable opportunities are funded.

We will only fund projects that are of high scientific value and have first been vetted by a scientific advisory board to ensure it meets with our objectives.

Our values:

  • We are a small charity with a big heart
  • We go the extra mile in making our supporters feel valued
  • Positive, upbeat and committed totally to our sole aim
  • We like to give as much support to the businesses who raise money for us through social media and PR coverage
  • We are totally transparent
  • We work ethically and support local businesses by ensuring we use the services and products locally where possible